Superfood Cafe, Established 2016



Fresh101 Superfood Café is a healthy-fast destination located at 4240 Cass Avenue, Suite 100, Midtown Detroit. At Fresh101, believes healthy whole food should be accessible to all communities. We advocate the importance and healing benefits of eating unprocessed, clean foods. We always use 100% whole fruits and vegetables without fillers and additives and our food is handcrafted  by local vegan chefs with only premium ingredients.


Founder & CEO


Monique Dooley

Fresh101 represents founder, Monique Dooley's vision of educating the community on healing and optimal living through whole foods. Through changes in her eating habits and lifestyle, Monique gained energy released pounds and felt better than ever.  Soon, Monique embarked on a journey with her students to research ways to improve energy and mental clarity through eating whole foods. The changes in behavior were remarkable and her purpose was discovered.

Educating the community on wellness became Monique's passion. The dream continues through Fresh 101 where the hope is real (as in real food)- where whole "fast" food options will be available to residents of all cities. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life fully through a lifestyle of balance and nourishing foods.