Fresh101 Superfood Café is a healthy-fast destination located in Midtown Detroit. Featured items include organic cold-pressed  juices, smoothie bowls and healthy-inspired creations. Fresh101 hosts cleanses, wellness workshops and customized smoothie/juice bar events. Our company believes healthy whole food  should be accessible to all communities. We advocate the importance and healing benefits of eating unprocessed, clean foods.   Fresh always uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables without fillers and additives. Our real food is handcrafted  by vegan chefs who use  premium ingredients.  We partner with local farmers and businesses who share our mission of the education of health through food. 



Fresh101 represents founder, Monique Dooley's vision of educating the community on healing and optimal living through whole foods.Through changes in her eating habits and lifestyle, Monique healed herself of low blood sugar and weight issues.  Soon, Monique  embarked on a journey with her students to research ways to improve energy and mental clarity through eating whole foods. The changes in behavior were remarkable and her purpose was discovered.  Educating the community on wellness became Monique's passion. The dream continues through Fresh 101 where the hope is real (as in real food)- where whole "fast" food options will be available to residents of all cities. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life fully through a lifestyle of balance and nourishing foods.

As an  educator, holistic heath coach, Monique is a firm believer food is medicine. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University. I matriculated a Master of Arts in Teaching at Wayne State University and studied at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. Monique is  BUILD Institute graduate, and an alumnus of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program (July 2016).  She will receive an Educational Specialist Certificate in Administration Program from Wayne State University in June 2017. 

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Dr. Denise Williams Mallett can be best described as an artist. Not in the classic since of the word, but an artist in the way she approaches task and every aspect of life.  Denise’s artistry has created a life that is a dense, complex, colorful and deeply spiritual tapestry. Denise has used her many gifts to make the community in which she lives and work, stronger, and has created for her family a life that is filled with love and spiritual depth. Denise’s loving spirit, ruthless discipline and a clear sense of purpose makes each one of her many projects a work of art. 

Denise’s lifelong commitment to healthy eating was magnified during her pregnancy and when her daughter was born.  Her quest to find the best food possible to help her baby grow strong and healthy became her mission. Focusing on portions and content with an emphasis on vegetables Denise found it only natural to partner with her friend and sorority sister Monique Dooley to advance Monique's vision and launch a fresh food company.   Today the partnership continues to be rooted in mutual respect and sisterhood that links Monique and Denise on a journey of life and business to educate and heal their community through food and positive life choices.

Denise is a mother, wife, published academic, higher education thought leader, turnaround expert and entrepreneur.