Fresh101 is a wellness company that will be opening a juice and superfood bar in January 2017 in West Village at 8019 Agnes.  We hosts cleanses, wellness workshops and customized smoothie/juice bar popup experiences ranging from intimate gatherings to public festivals. Fresh was born out of the desire to educate the community on the importance and healing benefits of eating whole foods. We offer raw juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls and products which are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free. Fresh always uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables.  Our real food is handcrafted  by vegan chefs who use  premium ingredients.  We believe that quality whole food should be available to all communities. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable on the healing nature of our whole food products.  


Fresh101 represents a dream I have for our community's well-being. Through changes in my eating habits and lifestyle, I healed myself of low blood sugar and weight issues.  I embarked on a journey with my students to research ways to improve energy and mental clarity through eating whole foods. The changes in behavior were remarkable and my purpose was discovered.  Educating the community on wellness became my passion. The dream continues through Fresh 101 where the hope is real- where whole "fast" food options will be available to residents of all cities. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life fully through a lifestyle of balance and nourishing foods.

As an  educator, holistic heath coach, I am a firm believer food is medicine. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University. I matriculated a Master of Arts in Teaching at Wayne State University. I am also a BUILD Institute graduate, and an alumnus of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program (July 2016).  I am  currently enrolled in the Educational Specialist Certificate Program at Wayne State University (graduating December 2017).