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Handcrafted products by experienced vegan chefs utilizing high-quality organic ingredients

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Organic cold-pressed Juices & Shots

We handcraft premium cold-pressed juices daily. No HPP (high pressure processing which kills enzymes in order to preserve juice) allowed at Fresh101. We believe fresh is best. Cold-pressed juice is the quickest way to get nutrients in your system. Juices and our superfood shots help nourish and therefore heal the body. 


Smoothie Bowls & Soups

Try a nutritious smoothie thick enough to eat wth a spoon. Whipped to perfection these delights can be topped with superfoods like chia and hemp seed to granola and blueberries. Our soups are hand-crafted in house or by a vegan chef. 

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Cleansing Packages

Select a clean-eating cleanse which contains soups, superfood protein smoothies as well as our cold-pressed juice.  Allow your body a break from processed foods and enjoy the Balance or New Day Cleanse.  You'll feel lighter without feeling deprived.